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About Me

Entrepreneur mentor+educator, cross-cultural communication expert developing innovative programming for diverse founders

Over the span of her 15 years experience as an educator, coach, mentor and leader in multicultural ecosystems, Blanca has honed in on how to create and cultivate spaces where people with diverse stories can feel supported and thrive.

Being bicultural and community engaged has formed my career path: Growing up in the U.S. and abroad, navigating across cultures and codes became natural and key to Blanca’s career. Blanca has always been actively involved in the community, as a volunteer and advocate, which is also informs her work.

I had the chance to work with extraordinary people who taught me the importance of a safe and creative space.: After graduating from Eckerd College with a degree in psychology, focused on research, she worked with multi-lingual youth and their families. Spanning her work from youth healing from domestic violence to drug addiction, as well as, dealing with the judicial, foster care and immigration system, she found that spaces of safety, support and creativity are critical for people to thrive and for communities to achieve sustainable change.

Working with ESL / ELL employees seeking to make their way in the U.S challenged me to really think about how we frame our experiences in culture and personal story:From there, she began working with multilingual populations in the labor sector & courts as an interpreter and trainer, developing programs in the areas of cultural competency, intercultural communication and inclusive practices.

Entrepreneurship offers an accessible and powerful pathway to equality: Leading the cutting-edge, award-winning BIG Incubator in Atlanta for digitalundivided demonstrated to her the transformative power of innovative entrepreneurship for women. The culmination of many years of empowering communities, Blanca is focused on helping women find economic and personal power via building successful businesses.

Blanca finds joy in:

Building Bridges – Where race, culture, language, gender, economics and history have drawn lines of difference, she excels at inter-sectional and intercultural communication.

Collaboration – Helping heal communication gaps, implementing and modeling diplomacy, and finding effective synergy.

Culturally relevant education – Creating adaptive educational opportunities that offer responsive tools. She is an expert in professional training and development.

Innovation – Combining creativity and community engagement, offers solutions and ideas relevant to those she is serving.

Mentorship – An age old strategy that is a powerful tool for building access to resources and sustainable progress in communities. Blanca is an expert and has built several innovative mentor programs.

Making it happen – Her action-oriented leadership style has resulted in more efficient and innovative program operations, powered by her technology savvy and ability to identify team talent.

Business advocacy – Being an active part of the community and engaging key players is vital to creating real, sustainable solutions. Blanca builds allies and works to elevate the voice of those she serves.



Aside from her active involvement in the Atlanta innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem, intercultural and creatives community, Blanca values her time with her family. She is married to Emory faculty and published poet Axel Presas, with whom she has two beautiful girls. In their free time, you can find them at the beach or in the forest, enjoying nature. Blanca is also a trained painter and illustrator.